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Welcome to Nova Dental Center

We would like to give you a short introduction to our dental center.

At Nova Dental we offer to our patients the highest standard of dental care. We use modern dental equipment combined with the latest technological treatment approach in dentistry. We have created an amazing spa-like, stress-free environment and we strive to provide comfortable and pain-free dentistry for all our patients.

Our state-of-the-art dental equipment includes as a standard of care computerized dental charting, digital Shick x-ray technology, intraoral cameras (Shick and Spectra), 3D CAD/CAM crown technology (CEREC), rotary endodontic instruments, etc. We are proud to be the first dental office in Hoboken offering the revolutionary CEREC 3D technology. This amazing CAD/CAM system allows our doctors to instantly create porcelain crowns and onlays and insert the restorations at the same visit thus giving you a one visit crown treatment. We also recently added the latest breakthrough in carries detection called Spectra Intraoral Camera (Carries Detection Aid). This device has a potential to show bacteria deep within the tooth structure even when hidden by stain and old fillings. It's a great aid in the early detection of carries and prophylaxis.

Our dental team is very friendly and customer service oriented. We treasure our patients and we try to make your visit as pleasant and worry-free as possible. Our doctors come with extremely strong educational and professional background. They have received their dental degrees from two of the top dental schools in US: New York University and Boston University. They custom tailor every patients treatment plan to meet their individual treatment needs and esthetic desires. To those who are seeking esthetic improvement along with their dental care our doctors can offer multiple procedures such as Invisalign (invisible brases) and veneers as part of the comprehensive restorative approach of smile design. By using the latest dental techniques we provide our patients with excellent treatment results.

We have created unique spa-like office design, which will fill you with serenity the moment you walk through the door. Our relaxing atmosphere will transform your next dental visit into an enjoyable and pleasant experience. We recognize the significance of painless and stress-free dental treatment and we put that as top priority for every dental procedure done at our center. We strive to make every visit to our office a remarkably pleasant experience.

Our Team

Nova Dental Center

600 Clinton Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Tel: 201-963-0060

-The office is fantastic- stylish and modern, the latest in dental equipment. The doctor is great- very friendly and takes time to explain everything and answer all questions. By far the best dental visit I’ve ever had...


-The best dentist I've ever been to. Their number 1 priority is making you feel comfortable, welcome and pain free. I won't go anywhere else.




-I will add my praise to the fray. Just got back from a great first visit. This office is about as together as is possible to be, everyone makes you feel at home and comfortable, and it doesn't seem fake at all.


- They helped me get over my fear of going to the dentist! I had put off going to the dentist for years -although I knew I had (a lot of) work that needed to be done. I finally took the step to go, and I am so happy I did.